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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4

Rs2,000.00 (Fixed)

  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4
Price : Rs2,000.00 (Fixed)
Type : Novel Book
Date : June 7, 2023
Condition : Used
Warranty : No
Location : Dehiwala


10 a.m. : I am ill with all the worry, too weak to write much. Nobody has noticed I haven’t eaten any breakfast.

2 p.m. : Perhaps when I am famous and my diary is discovered people will understand the torment of being a 1334-year-old undiscovered intellectual.

6 p.m. : Pandora! My lost love! Now I will never stroke your treacle hair! (Although my blue felt-tip is still at your disposal.)

Adrian Mole’s painfully honest diary is a hilarious spots-and-all glimpse into the troubled life of a teenage ‘misunderstood intellectual’ get inside this book

“I not only wept. I how led and hooted and had to get up and walk around the room and wipe my eyes so that I could go on reading” – Tom Sharpe



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