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About Us

Helping Books buyers and sellers in Sri Lanka is an online marketplace for books where you can find things you love. Used and rare books used by independent traders around Sri Lanka are available for sale through the website.

We save thousands of books from destruction every year, but our mission goes beyond the environment. We save these books and give pa minders the opportunity to shape another mind, share another story and teach a little prose.

Reading empowers people, that it gives them a sense of being in someone else's moment, that education is an essential resource for improving one's life, and that one can occasionally jump into imaginary worlds with interesting characters.

Why choose us

We donate books to needy people, including schools and non-profit organizations, and return used books to our communities through the Care Tower, which is designed to connect with communities in Sri Lanka.

Our mission

The power of books and the written word to influence lives and societies around the world, and we appreciate our role in saving lives one more day to educate, entertain, inspire and transform lives.

Only creative solutions

We connect from our foot readership community to our processing center teams to our suppliers. Although each of us brings strengths individually, we can achieve the greatest success by combining these. We work together to create extraordinary results


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